Introducing the ALL NEW Daily, Weekly, Monthly OR Yearly Plans with RM1 Daily Unlimited Passes.

Now comes with an add-on of RM1 Daily Unlimited Passes to Chat, Social and stream Music to your heart pleases all day, everyday! #SureOne No lie..

RM 1 Daily Unlimited Passes for Chat, Social and Music Streaming

Unlimited data with no restriction on all your favourite app. Sap sap sui, we got it all covered just for you!

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Subscribe to Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly plan and RM1 Daily Unlimited Passes via SMS Keywords

Description Price Keywords Shortcode
To Subscribe the Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Plan
Daily 300MB RM1 D300 2222
Weekly 2GB RM10 W2
Monthly 1GB RM10 M1
Monthly 6GB RM28 M6
Monthly 10GB RM48 M10
Yearly 120GB RM200 Up Front Y120
To Add the Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Plan
Daily 300MB RM1 D300 ADD 2222
Weekly 2GB RM10 W2 ADD
Monthly 1GB RM10 M1 ADD
Monthly 6GB RM28 M6 ADD
Monthly 10GB RM48 M10 ADD
To Subscribe the Daily Unlimited Passes
Chat RM1 CHAT 2222
To Check the Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Subscription Status
Daily 300MB - D300 STATUS 2222
Weekly 2GB - W2 STATUS
Monthly 1GB - M1 STATUS
Monthly 6GB - M6 STATUS
Monthly 10GB - M10 STATUS
Yearly 120GB - Y120 STATUS
To Stop the Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Plan
Daily 300MB - D300 STOP 2222
Weekly 2GB - W2 STOP
Monthly 1GB - M1 STOP
Monthly 6GB - M6 STOP
Monthly 10GB - M10 STOP
Yearly 120GB - Y120 STOP

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