Seriously, you can transfer your credit to anyone. Be it your brother, your mother, your extra-friendly neighbour or even your distant uncle living in another country whom-you-can't-remember-the-last-time-you-met-face-to-face – just because you can and cos we know you're a nice person.


SMS an SOS to your BFF to send you some credit so you can continue chatting online!

SMS Credit Transfer

Step 1
SMS RM to 23232
Example: RM5 0105001234
Step 2
Receive text confirmation

Request Credit Transfer

Step 1
SMS RQ to 23232
Example: RQ2 0105001234
Step 2
Receive text confirmation

SMS Credit Transfer Notes:
  1. Min credit transferred RM1, max RM10/day with sufficient active balance
  2. Every SMS sent to 2222 is now zero-rated
  3. 50sen per successful transfer will be deducted
  4. The validity of the transferred credit is as follows:

    RM1 - RM21 Day
    RM3 - RM103 Days
Terms and Conditions
Response time: 0.38621497154236
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